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Payment Service

Checkboard Pay

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Pure Payment Processing

Providing a secure and efficient payment platform without holding any funds, empowering businesses to manage their cash flow.


Effortless Integration

Checkboard Pay offers easy integration of its payment solution through APIs and SDKs, with dedicated support available throughout the process to address any concerns.


Diverse Payment Options

Checkboard Pay facilitates card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and open banking, offering your customers the flexibility to select their preferred method.

What are the benefits?

Avoids Chargeback Risks

Combining ID verification with payments mitigates the risk of chargebacks, preventing lost revenue and damage to the company's reputation.

Allows Larger Payment

Our payment service enables larger payments to be released by banks, providing businesses with increased flexibility and greater revenue potential.

Fraud Prevention

By verifying the identity of each customer, we can eliminate the risks associated with email hacking/phishing to change payment details and internal fraud risk.

What our users say...

Checkboard was easy to use but all the doubts and concerns that I had was automatically solved when I spoke to the customer service team, they made my referencing check process easy, smooth and fun!

Thank you for being so humane and treat people with so much care, I was very nervous during all the procedure (as it was the first time) and thanks to you, I felt confident and calm throughout the entire process, I could never thank you enough 🙂

Fernanda, Tenant

What our users say...

We have had a positive experience with Checkboard since signing up. A very straight-forward process, and we have had the pleasure of dealing with the customer service team so far for any help or guidance we may need

Cherelle, Estate Agent

What our users say...

Really friendly and helpful, quick and efficient, very responsive

Chantalle, Buyer

What our users say...

The team at Checkboard gave us service level agreements that are dedicated to making the solution fluid for us and had we not met them we were going to develop our own AML system as others we interviewed could not keep up.

They use their time to understand why and where we need to change the industry for user experience and work with us to achieve this.

Angelo, Law Firm