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Empower underserved markets with our platform's unique blend of Electronic ID, AML, credit data, open banking, and payment services—tailored for minimal technical resources.


How Checkboard works

Enhance your sales and legal teams' efficiency with digital signatures to cutdown on deal closing time.


  • Asset type

    Asset type

    Build workflows tailored to client requirements, maximising flexibility and efficiency in your processes.

  • ID Verification

    ID Verification

    Ensure secure transactions with streamlined identity verification for reliable business processes.

  • Payment


    Simplify financial transactions with an integrated system for a seamless and secure payment experience.

  • Document Signing

    Document Signing

    Enhance your sales and legal teams' efficiency with digital signatures to cut down on deal closing time.


  • SMS


    Trigger an invitation SMS to your client, guiding them to download and complete their workflow via our user-friendly app.

  • Email


    Enhance your sales and legal teams' efficiency with digital signatures to cut down on deal closing time.

  • Reminders


    Benefit from automated reminders, ensuring your clients stay informed and on track throughout the process.

  • API


    Customise and optimise workflows with seamless integration according to your business requirements.


  • Sealed Reports

    Sealed Reports

    Receive sealed reports upon the completion of workflows, providing you with comprehensive and secure documentation.

  • JSON Data

    JSON Data

    Manage information flexibly with structured JSON data integration into your workflow.

  • Share Consents

    Share Consents

    Ensure compliance and transparency with a user-friendly feature for effortless consent sharing.

  • Progress Updates

    Progress Updates

    Stay informed with real-time updates, efficiently managing and tracking progress within workflows.


Checkboard Verify


Secure Validation

Ensure seamless dealings with genuine entities. Robust protocols and user-friendly interface for hassle-free verification, fostering trust and reliability.


Tailored Services

We tailor lightning-fast processes to meet diverse business needs, ensuring quick, accurate results regardless of industry or size.


Fraud Prevention

Implement advanced fraud prevention measures, safeguarding your operations through technology and vigilant monitoring for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Why Checkboard?

We focus on making you and your clients journeys as smooth as possible.

Step 1

Send client an invitation with unique link.

Step 2

Client completes check in minutes.

Step 3

Business receives completed report.


Checkboard Pay


Avoids Chargeback Risks

Combining ID verification with payments mitigates the risk of chargebacks, preventing lost revenue and damage to the company’s reputation.


Allows Larger Payment

Our payment service enables larger payments to be released by banks, providing businesses with increased flexibility and greater revenue potential.


Payment Security

By verifying the identity of each customer, we can eliminate the risks associated with email hacking/phishing to change payment details and internal fraud risk.

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Easy to use API


Boost customer satisfaction with diverse payment options like card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and open banking.


Our no-funds-holding approach emphasises security and cash flow management.


User-friendly interface and advanced technology for a hassle-free experience resulting in seamless onboarding.

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