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Full Plan Comparison

Verify Free* Lite Pro Enterprise
Biometric ID Verification
Document-free ID Verification
Secure File Upload
AML (PEPs, Sanctions & Mortality)
Simple banking data
Address Verification
Banking data analysis - -
Adverse Media - -
Additional Data Insights - -
Ongoing Monitoring - -
Property Ownership - -
International Address Verification - - -

Pay Free* Lite Pro Enterprise
Transaction Fees 4% 3% 2% Contact us
Invitee Pay
Pay by card
Pay by bank

Market Intelligence Free* Lite Pro Enterprise
Customer Data Visualisation
Local Visualisation
Data Filtering

Platform Free* Lite Pro Enterprise
QR Codes
Unlimited Members
API Integration -
Land Registry Data - -
Custom Transaction Flows - - -

*Free plan provides access to lite flows provided end user service payment included in flow.

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