No More Wasted Time

By this time, you know how tedious Tenant, Landlord, Buyer, and Seller checks can be. With Checkboard, you’ll automate all your checks. It’s simple, you can complete checks faster and save time in the process.

Checks For Everyone


With Checkboard, you don’t need to send your bank statements and payslips every time you rent a new home. 


Checkboard uses multiple data sources to confirm you are who you say you are and to verify you own the property.


Checkboard lets you securely confirm your identity and proof of funds  without sharing sensitive documents.


Checkboard lets you confirm you are who you say you are and verify you own the property without sharing sensitive documents.

Paperless Property Transactions

Our Promise

1 mins

Using process automation and innovative machine learning systems, we reduce the time it takes to complete a property transaction to 5 minutes.

1 steps

We eliminate the time-consuming and repetitive parts of a property transaction. It takes 5 simple steps to complete your checks so this means less work and more peace of mind for you.

Available now from App Store or Play Store

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