5 Steps, 5 Minutes, Checks Done.

So, how do you complete a background check with Checkboard? Let’s take a look…

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How Checkboard Works

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Step 1

Magic Link

You’ll start the check when you click on the magic link sent to you by a requester. Clicking this link takes you to the Checkboard app to start your verification.

Step 2

Basic Information

The first step to verify your details is to enter some basic information like your email address and residential address.

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Step 3

Identity Check

To confirm your identity, we’ll need a photo ID like a passport and a face scan. We treat this information as highly confidential, store it securely, and only share it securely with the other parties to your transaction.

Step 4

Financial Check

We securely connect to your bank account through open banking. This means you don’t need to supply bank statements to the other parties in your property transaction.

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Step 5

All Done

When we complete all our checks, we securely share the results only with the relevant parties to your transaction. In the process, you save a lot of time and effort.

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