Satisfaction rate among users


Reduction of average verification time


Accuracy rate in verification checks

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The ultimate compliance and verification platform


Flows and checks tailored to meet the unique verification needs of businesses, regardless of industry or size.


Robust verification protocols to ensure dealing with genuine and trustworthy individuals or entities.


User-friendly interface and advanced technology for a hassle-free experience resulting in seamless onboarding.


Lightning-fast and dependable verification process, ensuring swift and precise results.

How it works

Simplified client checks with Checkboard’s 3 step process:

Step 1

Send client an invitation with unique link.

Step 2

Client completes check in minutes.

Step 3

Business receives completed report.

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Customisable Solutions

Our modular approach empowers you to seamlessly adapt our tools to your industry's unique demands, guaranteeing a tailored, effective verification process. This customisation enhances your business operations, optimises efficiency, and ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Features you’ll love

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Live Support

Our advisors are available through our live chat in-app or on your dashboard.

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Check Library

Discover a wide range of checks and ensure you only receive relevant information.

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Customised Solutions

Work with a company that builds with your clients' needs in mind.