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Reduction of average verification time


Accuracy rate in verification checks

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Biometric ID Verification Platform For Businesses


Flows and checks tailored to meet the unique verification needs of businesses, regardless of industry or size.


Robust ID, KYC & AML verification protocols to ensure dealing with genuine and trustworthy individuals or entities.


User-friendly interface and advanced technology for a hassle- free experience resulting in seamless onboarding.


Lightning-fast and dependable verification process, ensuring swift and precise results.

How Checkboard Verify Works

Simplify client ID checks in 3 steps

Step 1 - Secure ID Verification Link

Send client an invitation with unique verification link.

Step 2 - Custom ID Check Flow to Needs

Complete ID, AML, KYC and credit checks in minutes.

Step 3 - Verification Report

You receive a comprehensive customer verification report in minutes.

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Customisable Solutions For Customer Verification & Onboarding

Our modular approach empowers you to seamlessly adapt our tools to your industry's unique demands, guaranteeing a tailored, effective verification process. This customisation enhances your business operations, optimises efficiency, and ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations, improving performance and customer satisfaction with verification toolkits that help you deliver seamless ID verification, secure payments and document signing.

Customer Verification Solutions you’ll Love

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Live Customer Success Team

Our Checkboard customer success team are available through our live chat in-app or on your dashboard. To help you get more from Checkboad Verify.

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Checkboard Checks Library

Checkboard checks against financial information with open banking, PEPs, Sanctions, Mortality and credit file.

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Customer Verification Solutions

Build verification solutions with your business case and clients' needs in mind, and help us create the best verification solutions for you.