Checkboard & Safe Harbour

January 23, 2024

Alima Faye

Content Creator

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Safe Harbour is like a legal safe zone that shields you from trouble in certain situations. In the world of property transactions, getting Safe Harbour status is like safely steering through dangerous waters into a calm bay. Here, the risks of facing claims for identity fraud and impersonation are left behind in the stormy sea.

In simpler terms, it's a guarantee that if conveyancers follow specific identity verification rules closely, they won't face severe consequences if a fraudulent transaction somehow slips through. Basically, Safe Harbour ensures that as long as conveyancers stick to its protective rules, they can work confidently, knowing they've done everything needed to check identities thoroughly.


Understanding Safe Harbour's Importance

Safe Harbour is not just a trendy term; it's a crucial defense for those working with digital transactions. By adhering to the Digital ID Standard, individuals in this field find themselves under the protection of Safe Harbour. This provides a strong defense against potential claims of liability, acting as armor against fraudsters attempting to exploit identity verification loopholes.


Grasping the Digital ID Standard

The Digital ID Standard is more than a checklist; it's a comprehensive process resembling a digital fortress aimed at preventing identity fraud. Utilising sophisticated methods like biometric scanning and cryptographic techniques, it meets the high standards of due diligence in confirming identities. This commitment ensures that each transaction isn't just a key exchange but a securely guaranteed transfer of rightful ownership.


How Checkboard Operates in Safe Harbour


Thorough Identity Verification

Think of Checkboard as the guardian of secure transactions. When examining an individual's document, we don't just glance at it; we engage in a cryptographic process, syncing digital signatures with facial features from biometric passports. Picture it as a secure handshake between ancient runes and modern technology, ensuring the passport is not just a collection of stories but a key to the person's identity.


Authentication Beyond the Surface

At Checkboard, we don't stop at surface-level inspection; we delve deep into the security layers of a biometric passport. Through NFC technology, we communicate with the embedded chip, seeking cryptographic signatures to verify the document's claims. Our system dissects this interaction, confirming the document's authenticity.


Liveness Detection: Adding a Human Element

In a world filled with masks and illusions, Checkboard prioritises the human touch. Our 'liveness check' is the pulse beneath the digital surface, confirming that the person matches the document's claims. We connect the living individual with the persona stored in the passport's chip, ensuring no fraudulent activity passes through our system.


Closing the Loop: Connecting Individual to Property

Securing a deal involves more than recognising a face; it means linking that face to a specific place - the property in question. Checkboard gathers evidence, tying together the individual and their home. Conveyancers act as final arbiters, ensuring the name and address align with documented reality.


Flexible Documentation for Effortless Verification

Our platform provides various document options to prove the crucial link between an individual and their property. Users can submit a range of documents, from utility bills to house insurance certificates. Each document is a puzzle piece, fitting perfectly into the larger picture of secure ownership.


In summary, Checkboard is not just a service; it's a vigilant protector in the digital age. It merges human warmth with cutting-edge technology, preserving property transaction integrity with unwavering dedication to security and compliance. Join us in this trust fortress, where each link in the chain is as strong as our commitment to clients.